Dutch Police Arrest Three Men for Extortion Ring: Taking International Cybercrime to the Next Level

The Netherlands has seen a new breed of cybercriminals. Three men have been arrested and charged with running an international extortion ring. This group has been extorting large sums of money from victims in the country and abroad. The arrests are the latest in a string of cybercrime cases that have been on the rise in The Netherlands.

The Scope of the Extortion Ring

The extortion ring is believed to have targeted victims in at least seven different countries. The suspects would contact victims via social media platforms and threaten them with false legal action. In some cases, the criminals would make demands for large sums of money, even threatening to leak victims’ personal information if the demands were not met.

The Dutch police were able to identify and arrest the three suspects in Rotterdam in July of 2020. The police were able to make the arrests thanks to cooperation from international law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.

The Suspects and Their Accomplices

The three suspects named in the case are Dutch nationals ranging in age from 25 to 66. The suspects had been running the extortion ring since 2018, and are believed to have extorted tens of thousands of euros from their victims.

The suspects were aided in their scheme by at least one accomplice, a Belgian national. The accomplice has since been apprehended by the Belgian police in connection with the investigation.

The Arrests and Their Impact

The arrests carry a significant message to cybercriminals operating in The Netherlands and abroad. The police have made it clear that they will take whatever steps necessary to take down cybercriminal networks and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Dutch National Police have also taken to social media to raise awareness of the issue and encourage vigilance. The police have urged members of the public to be wary of online threats and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.


The arrests of the three suspects in The Netherlands sends a strong signal to cybercriminals all over the world. The case illustrates the importance of international cooperation in cracking down on cybercrime, and how law enforcement agencies are getting increasingly sophisticated in their approach to fighting cybercrime.

At the same time, the case is a reminder that vigilance is essential when it comes to staying safe online. Staying aware of cybercrime threats and taking steps to protect yourself and your information is the best defense against falling victim to criminals.

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