PureCrypter Delivers AgentTesla in Sophisticated Phishing Campaigns – Be Aware of the Risk

Cybercrime groups have been using an obfuscation tool called PureCrypter to deliver AgentTesla malware through malicious emails in recent phishing campaigns. AgentTesla is a type of spyware designed to steal data, record screen activity, log keystrokes and take screenshots without detection. It is mainly used to steal confidential information such as stored credentials, credit card numbers and financial data. With the help of PureCrypter, attackers are able to stay ahead of anti-malware solutions and remain undetected.

It is critical for organizations to remain aware of the risk associated with this sophisticated phishing campaign and take steps to protect their systems. This article will explore the usage of PureCrypter in delivering AgentTesla, the potential risk of this campaign and what organizations can do to protect themselves.

What is PureCrypter?

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