Russian Hacktivism: Defaced Websites – A Political War

In the 21st century, cyber warfare is becoming an increasingly popular and powerful tool for political statements. Hacktivists thrive in this digital battlefield, using their skills to spread messages to a wide audience. One form of hacktivism is website defacement, a strategic attack on websites to spread awareness of an issue. Russian hacktivists have taken advantage of this form of protest to express their political opinion against their government.

What is Hacktivism?

Hacktivism is defined as the use of illegal hacking methods for political, social, or religious activities. It combines two concepts: hacking and activism. The use of hacktivism dates back to the 1980s, when hacktivists were found to be using hacks in opposition to the government. The term was first used in 1996 and has since been used to describe a variety of hacking methods, including website defacement.

Website Defacement

Website defacement is a form of hacktivism that is used to gain attention and spread awareness of an issue. Hacktivists will target a website, usually a government website, and replace it with a new page. This page will usually contain a message or image that expresses the opinion of the hacktivist. Hacktivists use website defacement as a powerful means to spread their message and gain attention from the public.

Russian Hacktivists

In recent years, Russian hacktivists have increasingly used website defacement to make political statements against the government. In 2017, Russian government websites were defaced with messages in protest of corruption and oppression. Hacktivists have also targeted other websites to spread their message. In February 2018, multiple websites were defaced with messages in protest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. These messages also included threats of future attacks.


Russian hacktivism has become a powerful tool for those looking to express their political opinion. Website defacement is the primary form of protest used by Russian hacktivists, allowing them to spread their message to a wide audience. With more and more websites being targeted, it is clear that hacktivism is becoming a powerful form of protest for those looking to make their voices heard.

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