Watering Hole Attacks Push Scanbox Keylogger

Originating from digital espionage campaigns, watering hole attacks are a malicious cyber attack vector used to install malware or other malicious code on target machines that visit a particular website or set of websites. Recently, a new version of the Scanbox keylogger has been seen spreading through these kinds of attacks.

What is a Watering Hole Attack?
Watering hole attacks infiltrate websites that the attacker believes the victims are likely to visit, such as popular websites in their industry. The attacker will then inject malicious code into these websites, which can be used to install a malicious payload. This malicious payload could be in the form of a keylogger, like the Scanbox keylogger, which is a malicious tool that records every keystroke and mouse movement made on a target system.

What is Scanbox?
Scanbox is a type of keylogger that has been used in recent watering hole attacks. It is able to capture keystrokes, mouse movements, and screenshots, as well as record system processes, storage details, and even webcam footage. It can also be used to gather information from other devices that are connected to the same network as the targeted system.

Consequences of Scanbox Key Logger
Scanbox is a potent malware tool because it can be used for a variety of malicious activities, ranging from identity theft and financial fraud to espionage and surveillance. The keylogger can be used to access confidential information, such as usernames and passwords, as well as intellectual property or other sensitive data. By accessing and exfiltrating this data, malicious actors can gain a foothold in a target organization and then expand their attack.

Protection Against Watering Hole Attacks
Organizations can protect against watering hole attacks by regularly monitoring their websites for malicious code and suspicious activity. Additionally, they should ensure that their websites are up to date with the latest security patches and use firewalls and endpoint protection solutions to block malicious traffic. Finally, they should properly train their staff to identify and avoid phishing attempts and other suspicious activity.

Watering hole attacks are a potent tool for malicious actors to gain a foothold into target organizations. Recently, a variant of the Scanbox keylogger has been seen being spread through these attacks, allowing attackers to steal confidential information from the target systems. To protect against watering hole attacks, organizations should regularly monitor their websites for malicious content and use firewalls and endpoint protection solutions to block malicious traffic.

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