“Latest Cybersecurity Warning: How Microsoft & Twitter Can Protect their Users”

Thanks to the presence of technology in our day to day lives, it is more important than ever to prioritize cybersecurity. Our personal and financial data must be protected from the threat of cyber attacks, and technology giants like Microsoft and Twitter must take a proactive approach to keeping their users safe. Following a warning from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Microsoft and Twitter must take meaningful steps to improve their security protocols.

Strengthening Online Security

On May 25th, FBI Director Christopher Wray urged technology companies to step up their security protocols in order to keep their users safe. During a speech at the Cybersecurity Summit in Manhattan, Wray said companies must “Create a more secure online environment by taking proactive steps and making cybersecurity a key priority.”

This isn’t the first time technology companies in the United States and abroad have felt pressure to improve their security infrastructure. In 2018, the European Union enacted the General Data Protection Regulation, which imposes strict requirements on the storage and processing of personal data.

Reacting to the Threat of Cyber Attacks

In the wake of the recent cyber security warnings, Microsoft and Twitter have taken steps to increase their security. Microsoft issued a blog post outlining their “top 10 security measures”, emphasizing the need for increased security patching, data encryption, and user authentication processes.

Twitter has also upped their security game. They recently announced the rollout of two-factor authentication for users, as well as data encryption to protect users from potential cyber attacks. They are also working to identify and block spam accounts to prevent the spread of false information.

The Need for Even More Action

Although both companies have taken steps to increase their cybersecurity protocols, there is still more that could be done. Microsoft and Twitter could better protect their users by introducing a system that scans for suspicious activities and flags them for investigation. Additionally, they could alert users when their accounts have been subject to suspicious activities and provide more tools for users to monitor their accounts.

Social media platforms should also be designed in such a way that they are accessible to users of all ages and ability levels. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have introduced age-appropriate content controls, and more technology companies should follow in their footsteps.


The ongoing threat of cyber attacks makes it essential for Microsoft and Twitter to take proactive steps to protect their users’ data. While these companies have implemented multiple security measures, more needs to be done to keep users safe. Share this article on social media and let Microsoft and Twitter know how important improved security protocols are!

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