“2-Year Hack Compromises Conservative News Corp Empire”

The recently disclosed hack of a conservative news corp empire has left many people questioning the safety of their personal information. According to Arstechnica, the hack allowed hackers to gain access and have been in the network for two years. This article goes into further detail about the hack and the measures being taken to protect the affected users.

Identifying the Hackers

The company first became aware of the hack in June 2020, when they started seeing evidence of “subtle manipulation and odd application behavior.” After an investigation, they concluded that the hack was happening as far back as February 2018. The identity of the hackers is still unknown, but it is believed that the attack was done on purpose, rather than by accident.

Impact of the Hack

The hack, which affects the news corp empire, has exposed sensitive information including passwords, usernames, and email addresses. It is also believed that some of the company’s customer data has been compromised as well. The company has notified all affected users and has taken steps to protect their data.

Protecting Your Data

The hack serves as a reminder of how important it is to keep your data secure. The company has taken steps to protect its users by implementing two-factor authentication and by encrypting user data. They are also working with security specialists to ensure that their systems are as secure as possible.

In addition, users should make sure they use strong passwords and change them often. The company has also recommended that users use a password manager to help keep their data safe.


The recent hack of the conservative news corp empire is a reminder of how vulnerable we can be to cyber-attacks. The company has taken steps to protect affected users and we should all do our part to keep our data safe by using strong passwords and changing them often.

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