CrowdStrike Reports Cloud Attacks, Microsoft Vulnerabilities are Biggest Threats

As the world becomes ever more reliant on technology, it’s important to ensure we’re aware of the cyber threats that exist. CrowdStrike, a cyber security company, recently reported on the biggest threats to companies in 2021. In this article, we’ll take a look at the findings and offer insights on how to protect your business from them.

Cloud Attacks

Cloud-based services have become integral to how businesses operate in the modern world. As a result, it’s not surprising that hackers are looking for ways to exploit these applications and gain access to sensitive corporate data.

CrowdStrike’s report found that cloud attacks are on the rise, particularly for applications such as Office 365 and G Suite. To protect against this, businesses should ensure their cloud applications are fully patched and frequently updated. Additionally, they should be monitored for any suspicious activity and users should be trained on how to spot phishing emails and malicious links.

Microsoft Vulnerabilities

Microsoft programs are extremely popular and the company’s Windows operating system dominates the market. However, with this popularity comes the risk of attackers exploiting vulnerabilities within Microsoft’s products.

CrowdStrike’s research found that attackers are taking advantage of previous vulnerabilities in Microsoft programs. They’re also exploiting new vulnerabilities as soon as they’re released. To mitigate this risk, businesses should ensure their operating systems and all Microsoft applications are fully patched and up-to-date. They should also use anti-malware software to detect and prevent malware infections.

Sim Swapping

Sim swapping, or Simjacking, has become an increasingly popular form of attack. It allows hackers to hijack a victim’s phone number and access their accounts.

CrowdStrike’s report found that this type of attack is on the rise, and it can be particularly devastating for businesses. To protect against this threat, businesses should ensure that their employees’ phones are locked with a secure password and that they use two-factor authentication (2FA) whenever possible. Additionally, they should be aware of any suspicious activity on their accounts and report it immediately.


CrowdStrike’s research provides useful insights into the cyber threats businesses face in 2021. To protect against these threats, companies should ensure their cloud applications are fully patched and monitored, that all Microsoft products are up-to-date and that their employees’ phones are locked with a secure password. By following these steps, businesses can help protect themselves from cyber criminals and their malicious attacks.

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