Live2D: A Security Trainwreck

Live2D is a proprietary software made for creating interactive 2D avatars and animations in applications such as video games, chat rooms, and virtual reality. Unfortunately, it is also a security trainwreck. Security flaws in Live2D have been exploited multiple times, allowing malicious users access to sensitive information or control over an app. Read on to learn more about how Live2D is failing to protect users’ data.

Flaws in Live2D

The biggest security issues with Live2D stem from its weak coding and implementation. Several vulnerabilities were discovered in 2015 and 2016 that allowed malicious users to access sensitive data or gain control of the app. In 2017, a research team found that Live2D had an “insecure direct object reference” flaw, which allowed them to access user profiles, private messages, and even inject malicious code.

In addition to coding flaws, Live2D also does not encrypt data. This means that any information users send through Live2D is sent in plain text, making it vulnerable to being intercepted by malicious users.

Lack of Security Patches

In addition to coding and encryption flaws, Live2D also fails to patch its security vulnerabilities after they have been found. Despite numerous reports of security flaws, Live2D has failed to release any relevant patches. Given the lack of updates, it is likely that the flaws discovered in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 are still present in the software.

The Danger to Users

The security flaws in Live2D pose a real threat to those who use the software. With the vulnerabilities, malicious users can gain access to user profiles, account details, private messages, and more. They can even inject malicious code and control the app, potentially leading to financial loss or identity theft.

Call to Action

The security flaws in Live2D are a major issue that all users of the software should be aware of. If you use Live2D, be sure to take extra care to protect your data and avoid sharing sensitive information through the app. It is also important to share this information, so be sure to share this article on social media to spread awareness of Live2D’s security trainwreck.

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