Edgeless Systems Raises $5M For Trustworthy Data Processing

Edgeless Systems has recently raised $5 million in a strategic investment round of financing. This funding will be used to expand its mission of using a trusted data processing platform to better secure the sensitive digital data of organizations. With this latest investment, Edgeless joins a growing industry of companies focused on building trust among users and organizations in the digital world.

What is Edgeless Systems?

Edgeless Systems is an innovative platform designed to empower organizations to securely process customer data. This software platform enables organizations to securely and reliably transact digital information. Edgeless was founded in 2017 by former cybersecurity experts from the government and Fortune 500 companies.

The Edgeless platform is the first of its kind to introduce a trust-based data processing system. It’s based on a blockchain infrastructure and powered by distributed ledger technology. Edgeless uses a unique decentralization process that makes sure that all data is securely stored and reliably delivered to its destination.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Edgeless has created a platform that is both secure and reliable. This ensures that data is always protected and transactions are accurate and timely. It also provides organizations with a new level of transparency, allowing them to see exactly where their data is coming from and where it is going to.

What Does the Funding Offer Edgeless?

This new round of funding will enable Edgeless to expand its platform. Edgeless plans to capitalize on this opportunity and accelerate the development of its services and products. This includes the launch of a new secured data storage and analytics platform. It will also expand its team and invest in its sales and marketing efforts.

The new funding will also allow Edgeless to focus on product development and reduce the complexity of the platform. Edgeless plans to use this funding to launch partnerships with other industry players and streamline the onboarding process. These partnerships will open up new opportunities for Edgeless and will expand its reach to new customers.

How Will Edgeless Make a Difference?

The Edgeless platform has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations process data. It will enable them to securely and reliably transact digital information in a trust-based manner. This is a much better way to manage data than relying on outdated methods such as silos or third-party applications.

With Edgeless, organizations can expect a higher degree of data security and reliability. This is especially important for organizations that handle sensitive data, such as financial services, healthcare, and government agencies. Edgeless can help organizations improve their data security and ensure that customer data is reliable and secure.


Edgeless Systems is an innovative platform that is transforming the way organizations process customer data. With its latest round of funding, Edgeless will be able to expand its platform and launch partnerships with industry players. This will enable organizations to benefit from a more secure and reliable way of handling customer data.

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