Russian Suspects Wanted for DoppelPaymer Attack

With the recent DoppelPaymer attack resulting in the thefts of an estimated $2 million from various victims, police forces around the world are now on the hunt for the two suspects believed to be behind it. Despite the victims’ reluctance to contact law enforcement, the extensive evidence gathered by security researchers has enabled authorities to identify the two Russian hackers responsible and launch an international investigation into their activities.

DoppelPaymer Ransomware Attack

DoppelPaymer is a ransomware family that emerged in 2019, targeted mainly large corporate and government entities. The infection process begins when the attackers compromise an organization’s network, usually via phishing emails. Once access is gained to the compromised system, the attackers use various techniques such as privilege escalation and lateral movement to move through the network and deploy the ransomware. Once the ransomware is deployed, it encrypts the victim’s files and demands a ransom payment in return for the decryption key.

Authorities Investigating Two Suspects

According to the security firm Check Point, the two men behind the attack are both from Russia and have been identified as “Hash” and “Mike Dweba”. They are believed to be part of a cybercrime group known as the “DoppelPaymer crew”. The two hackers are believed to have stolen an estimated $2 million from various victims.

Police forces in Europe, the United States and Australia have joined forces to investigate the DoppelPaymer attack, and are actively searching for the two suspects. The U.S. Department of Justice has issued a warrant for the arrest of the two suspects and is offering a reward of up to $250,000 for information that leads to their capture.

Law Enforcement Seeking Victim Assistance

Despite much of the evidence being gathered from security researchers, authorities are still calling on victims of the DoppelPaymer attack to come forward and assist in the investigation. This is due to the reluctance of many victims to admit that they were hacked and to contact law enforcement. The victims’ silence can make it very difficult for law enforcement to investigate the attack and build a case against the perpetrators.


The recent DoppelPaymer attack has resulted in numerous victims around the world, with an estimated $2 million stolen. Two Russian suspects believed to be behind the attack are now the target of a global law enforcement investigation, with police forces from Europe, the United States and Australia joining forces to apprehend the two hackers and bring them to justice. However, authorities are still calling on victims of the attack to come forward and assist in the investigation, and any information that leads to the capture of the attackers can result in a reward of up to $250,000. Help us share this article to bring these criminals to justice by sharing it on your social media!

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