Alleged NetWire RAT Operator Arrested in Croatia as FBI Seizes Website

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and law enforcement authorities in Croatia have reportedly arrested a man suspected of operating the NetWire remote access trojan (RAT).

The suspect, a 33-year-old Croatian, was taken into custody as part of an investigation launched by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ). Local media reports that the suspect was part of “a global criminal organization of computer hackers and money launderers.”

What is NetWire RAT?

NetWire is a commercially available RAT that has been around since 2004. While criminals have mostly used it to conduct financial fraud, hackers have used it for espionage and, in some cases, sabotage operations. Providing a wide range of features, it is capable of running on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and even Raspberry Pi.

The RAT includes features often found in other malware, such as the ability to log keystrokes, steal passwords, take screenshots, and connect to a remote desktop session. It can also collect data from web browsers, download and upload files, and execute arbitrary commands.

The Arrest and Seizure

The FBI announced that it has seized the domain associated with the malicious software. It is believed that the suspect was the owner of the domain, and the charges he faces include money laundering.

The FBI said in a statement that its seizure of the NetWire domain “will cause the malicious software to cease functioning, thereby disrupting the actor’s operations and potentially impacting thousands of victims around the world.”

The DoJ has not yet released many details about the arrest and seizure, but the FBI said its investigation into the case is ongoing.

The Impact of the Arrest and Seizure

The arrest and seizure of the domain associated with the NetWire RAT is seen as a major victory for law enforcement. With the suspect in custody and the domain seized, it is now much more difficult for the threat actors to spread the malicious software.

Moreover, the disruption of operations that the FBI caused with the seizure of the domain is likely to have a lasting impact on the activities of the criminal organization. The FBI’s statement noted that thousands of victims around the world may have been impacted by the action.

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