From Rust to Python: A Glimpse of What to Expect from Security Week

The upcoming Security Week hosted by Cloudflare promises to be an explosively informative event. With topics ranging from modern cloud solutions to data privacy, professionals can explore the tech trends everyone is talking about. Here’s a look into the content, speakers, and more, so you can prepare for Security Week and make the most of the online sessions.

Speakers and Panels you won’t want to miss

Security Week is jam-packed with diverse panels exploring the latest trends in tech and beyond. Notable speakers include Mozilla Cloud Services head of security, Luke Crouch, as well as Ubuntu software engineer and Cloud Native Security Expert, Diana Hsieh. Attendees will also hear from Fintech security co-founder, Michael Henriksen, and Rust programmer, Nick Cameron.

With topics ranging from security best practices for Rust, Python, and Go, to learning the basics of cryptography, Security Week has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner seeking industry insights or an experienced professional looking to refine your IT skill set, the sessions have you covered.

Take your Knowledge to the Next Level

The sessions are perfect for all levels of expertise, but they also encourage attendees to take their knowledge to the next level. For example, Nick Cameron’s Rust-focused session focuses on security best practices and how to prevent malicious attacks. It’s perfect for Rust developers who are looking to sharpen their understanding of the language and security.

The same is true for Diana Hsieh’s Cloud Native Security session. It’s a great opportunity to gain perspective on the challenges of securing cloud-based applications, from gaining control of API secrets to vulnerability scanning.

Cloudflare Security Week: Prepare to Be Amazed

Security Week is an incredible opportunity to explore the latest topics and challenges in the tech industry. Whether you’re an aspiring professional or a seasoned veteran, there’s something for everyone. Join the conversations and bring your knowledge to the next level. Share the news on social media and mark your calendar for Security Week.

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