Shein Shopping App Goes Rogue: Don’t Let It Steal Your Data

Shopping online has never been easier than with apps like Shein. But did you know Shein may be stealing your data?

Recent reports have revealed that the Shein shopping app has been gathering prices, URL, and other data from users’ clipboards without their knowledge. Shein is a Chinese-based clothing retailer with over 5 million downloads on the Apple App Store and 1 million downloads on Google Play.

What Is Shein Doing?

Shein’s use of iOS 14’s universal clipboard has caused concern among users who have noticed the app taking data from their clipboards without permission. Shein’s access to the clipboard appears to be part of its checkout process, which then allows it to store the data and use it for targeted ads and other marketing purposes.

Though Shein may have been using the clipboard feature to improve its checkout process, its actions have raised the ire of users who value their privacy. Several Apple App Store reviews have accused the company of being intrusive and gathering data without user consent.

What Can I Do to Protect Myself?

The first and most important step to protecting your data from apps like Shein is to review the app permissions you allow. Make sure you are only allowing an app to access information and data that you are comfortable with. If an app is asking for access to an area of your device that seems irrelevant to the job it does, you should probably deny the request.

It’s also important to be aware of what data the app is storing and how it’s using it. Apps like Shein are using customer data to target ads and other marketing tactics, so be sure to read the app’s privacy policy carefully. If the policy doesn’t seem clear or if you’re not comfortable with what data the app is collecting, you should opt out.

Finally, it’s a good idea to keep your device secure by using a password or PIN to protect it. If an app is accessing your device without your knowledge, you’ll know immediately and can take steps to protect yourself.

Take Action Now

Apps like Shein that access data without user consent can put customers at risk. Don’t let Shein steal your data. Stay vigilant and make sure you are only allowing apps access to the areas of your device you’re comfortable with. Take steps to protect your data and privacy today and share this article on social media so others can do the same.

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