Firefox 111 Fixes 11 Security Vulnerabilities but not the Zero Day Flaw

The latest update of Firefox 111 released by Mozilla has brought with it 11 security patches, a slew of features and performance improvements, but has yet to fix a recently discovered zero-day vulnerability.

The Zero-day Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability is an unexpected security flaw in a software or system which usually goes unnoticed until it is actively exploited by hackers. The vulnerability in Firefox is a flaw in the browser’s built-in WebAssembly function, which can be used to execute malicious code on user’s computers. The vulnerability has been known to Mozilla since February 2021 and it is currently being actively exploited by hackers.

What the Firefox 111 Update Brings

The most recent update of Firefox 111 comes with a variety of security patches and bug fixes. The patches include fixes for a number of vulnerabilities, including address bar spoofing, cross-site scripting (XSS) and potential side-channel attacks. Additionally, the update comes with a number of features including support for the new Firefox Lockwise password manager, improved performance and an improved security dashboard.

What the Firefox 111 Update Does Not Include

Unfortunately, the Firefox 111 update does not include a patch for the zero-day vulnerability. Mozilla has stated that they are currently working on a fix but it is not yet available in the latest update. This means that users of Firefox 111 are still vulnerable to the exploit and should take extra steps to protect their computer.

Protecting Yourself Against the Zero-day Vulnerability

Unfortunately, there is not much users can do at the moment to protect against the zero-day vulnerability. Mozilla is actively working on a patch but in the meantime, users should take extra security precautions. This includes avoiding suspicious websites, disabling JavaScript in the browser and regularly updating software to the latest version.


The latest update of Firefox 111 fixes a number of security vulnerabilities but does not yet include a patch for the zero-day vulnerability. This means that users of Firefox 111 are still vulnerable to hacking and should take extra security precautions until the patch is released.

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