CISA Launches Untitled Goose Tool To Hunt For Microsoft Azure Cloud Infections

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Microsoft have teamed up to create a new open source tool to help users detect malicious activity on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The tool, aptly named the “Untitled Goose Tool,” is designed to help organizations quickly and accurately identify malicious activity on their Azure cloud servers.

What is the Untitled Goose Tool?

The “Untitled Goose Tool” is an open source tool that automates the search process for malicious activity on Azure cloud servers. It is designed to easily detect malicious activity, and alert users of any potential malicious behavior on their servers.

The tool works by scanning network traffic logs, analyzing the behaviors of processes running on the server, and looking for anomalous activity. It uses a set of heuristics that can detect and alert users of malicious activity, such as command-and-control traffic, data exfiltration, or ransomware.

The tool is also outfitted with built-in security analytics, allowing users to generate detailed reports of their cloud server’s activity, as well as detect and respond to any malicious activity.

How Does It Help Improve Cloud Security?

The Untitled Goose Tool is an important tool for improving cloud security. By automating the search for malicious activity, the tool allows security teams to focus on other aspects of their security posture, such as policy enforcement and incident response.

The tool also makes it easier for organizations to quickly identify and respond to malicious activity on their cloud servers. With its built-in security analytics, organizations can generate detailed reports of their cloud server activity, and respond to any threats they detect in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the tool is designed to be light on resources, and can be integrated with existing security solutions, such as endpoint security and threat intelligence systems.


The “Untitled Goose Tool” is a valuable tool for improving cloud security on the Microsoft Azure platform. With its automated search process and built-in security analytics, organizations can quickly and accurately identify malicious activity on their servers, and respond to threats in a timely manner.

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