Cops Trick Wannabe Cybercriminals with Fake DDoS Services

Cybercrime has been increasing drastically over the last few years, with criminals coming up with ever more sophisticated methods to carry out their malicious activities. Meanwhile, law enforcement has been fighting back, using increasingly advanced tactics to detect and foil criminal operations. One such tactic is the use of fake DDoS services, which are used to target criminals and their associates.

What is a DDoS Attack?

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is when multiple compromised systems are used to flood a target with such large amounts of requests that it causes the system to become overwhelmed and unable to respond. DDoS attacks are often used to take down websites or services for extended periods of time.

How Law Enforcement are Using Fake DDoS Services

In a recent move, law enforcement has been exploiting the services of fake DDoS companies to try and catch wannabe cybercriminals. These companies offer their services to criminal gangs and cybercriminals, claiming they can keep their rivals’ websites offline with powerful DDoS attacks. However, instead of actually carrying out a DDoS attack, the so-called ‘services’ are actually fake, and law enforcement is monitoring the activities of any criminals that take up the offer.

How the Scheme Works

The idea is simple: criminals are tricked into believing they are paying for a legitimate service, when in reality, they are revealing their identities and providing key information that law enforcement can use to gain intelligence and ultimately apprehend them. The fake services often require customers to provide identifying information in order to register for an account, thus making it easier for law enforcement to track down the criminals.

The Benefits of This Approach

This approach to fighting cybercrime has some distinct advantages. To begin with, it is a much more cost-effective way of tracking down and apprehending criminals than traditional law enforcement methods. Additionally, it allows law enforcement to gather intelligence and better understand how criminal gangs operate, which can then be used to combat future cybercrime operations.

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