Thousands of Users Access Fake ‘DDoS for Hire’ Websites Set Up by UK Police

Society’s ever-growing reliance on the internet and connected systems has increased the need to stay educated and aware of potential cyber threats. The UK police recently conducted an operation to expose this risk and combat malicious activities.

Thousands of People Access Fake Websites

In February 2021, a British law enforcement agency set up fake ‘DDoS for Hire’ websites and ran a campaign to educate the public about the dangers of using such services. The websites were designed to look and feel like real DDoS for Hire websites and advertised DDoS attack services at competitive prices.

The websites were intended to entice potential customers and mimic the features and functions of real DDoS for Hire services. However, police revealed that the websites were created specifically to capture the personal details of anyone who attempted to access them.

The campaign was highly successful with thousands of visitors to the fake sites, narrowly avoiding the consequences of buying illegal services. Upon visiting the website, visitors were presented with a banner containing a warning message and content educating them about online crime and the legal consequences of engaging in such activities.

No Malicious Intention Detected

Thankfully, the police found no malicious intent or activities amongst those who visited the websites. This is likely due to the success of the campaign in raising public awareness. The majority of visitors accessed the websites out of curiosity, without intending to buy the services being offered.

Education and Prevention is Key

It is essential for everyone to stay educated on potential cyber threats faced by individuals and organisations. This case highlights the importance of educating the public on the consequences of illicit activities, such as DDoS for Hire services, and preventing malicious intentions from arising.

The UK police force’s awareness campaign has highlighted the importance of education in preventing malicious activity on the internet. The key takeaway from this is that awareness and prevention are essential for protecting against cybercrime.

Share and Spred the Awareness

These websites were a great example of a successful educational campaign to prevent malicious activities. Innovation and advancement in cyber security technology are essential, but so is awareness and prevention.

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