Anti-Bot Software Firm Datadome Banks $42M in Financing

Datadome, an anti-bot software firm, has recently secured $42 million in a series B financing round. This leaves the total raised by the firm to date at $50 million. Investors include Accel, Partech and Idinvest. The company aims to utilize the funds to further develop its anti-bot detection solutions and global expansion.

What is Datadome?

Founded in 2016, Datadome is a French based startup that specializes in providing anti-bot protection solutions. The company’s core offering is an AI-driven platform for detecting and blocking malicious robots that make up the majority of today’s web traffic. It does this by using its proprietary algorithms to quickly identify and counter automated threats.

Furthermore, Datadome provides real-time monitoring solutions for the detection and prevention of fraudulent activities such as scraping, credential stuffing, and account takeover. Their platform helps organizations protect their websites and web applications from malicious bots, malicious crawlers, and scraping.

Importance of Anti-Bot Software

Organizations are increasingly at risk of having their websites or applications targeted by malicious bots, with bad actors aiming to gain access to customer data, steal valuable information, and disrupt operations. While traditional solutions are limited in their capacity to detect and respond to these threats, it is important for organizations to invest in the right anti-bot protection tools to secure their digital assets.

Datadome’s cutting-edge anti-bot technology is designed to protect websites, apps, and APIs from malicious automation and bots, while allowing legitimate bots and users to access them. With its platform, organizations can detect and block malicious traffic from specified countries, IPs, and user-agents as well as measure the impact of automations.

Datadome’s $42m Series B financing

Datadome’s most recent Series B financing of $42m round was led by Accel, with participation from Partech and Idinvest. The company plans to use the funds to further its development of the anti-bot detection solutions to protect its customers’ websites and applications from malicious bots, fraudulent activities, and scraping.

The company also plans to use the investment to expand its reach in North America and Asia. According to Robbert Van Os, Managing Partner at Accel, “With Datadome’s cutting-edge anti-bot technology, companies can finally protect themselves from the increasing threat of malicious automation.”


With increasing malicious activities targeting organizations, it is vital for them to invest in anti-bot software solutions to protect their digital assets. Datadome is pioneering the development of cutting-edge anti-bot detection solutions, and has recently secured $42m in a series B financing round to further its growth.

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