Cisco Acquires Cloud Security Software Company: Expanding Their Reach in the Cybersecurity Sphere

Cisco, one of the world’s leading cloud and cybersecurity companies, recently announced its intent to acquire cloud security software company Duo Security. This purchase is part of a growing trend of tech companies increasingly investing in the cybersecurity sector.

The Merging of Two Industry Leaders

Cisco has been a front-runner in developing cloud services, networking, and cybersecurity solutions since its founding in 1984. The company is well-known for its security products and capabilities, such as its market-leading networking and cloud security products.

Duo Security is one of the leading providers of cloud security solutions. Founded in 2010, Duo focuses on helping organizations authenticate, secure, and monitor users through its cloud-based identity- and device-centric solutions.

The pairing of these two industry leaders represents a powerful combination of networking and security capabilities. Cisco’s promise to integrate Duo Security technology into its current offerings means delivering customers a secure cloud access platform that both protects user data and ensures secure authentication.

The Benefits of the Merger

This merger offers an abundance of advantages for both companies and customers, such as:

• Increased security: Cisco’s promise to combine its own comprehensive security portfolio with Duo’s cloud-based authentication, authorization, and identity governance solutions will secure the cloud-native world for customers.

• Streamlined operations: With this acquisition, customers will benefit from real-time visibility and control over user access, identity, and security, allowing for improved operational efficiencies.

• Expanded reach: Duo Security will now have access to Cisco’s customer base and vast distribution channel. This allows Duo Security to extend its cloud security solutions to an even wider array of customers.

The Bottom Line

The acquisition of Duo Security by Cisco furthers the company’s commitment to cybersecurity, providing customers with secure access to applications via Cisco’s secure cloud environment. As a result of the merger, customers will enjoy increased security, streamlined operations, and an expanded reach.

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