Tik Tok Bills Could Expand the National Security State

The rise of social media usage has led to an increase in national security concerns and corresponding legislation. In response, several states have introduced bills that could have dangerous consequences if they become law. This article examines the potential consequences of the proposed legislation and a call to action to share the article on social media.

Effects of the Legislation

The majority of these bills target the Chinese-owned social media platform, TikTok, specifically. The bills would require disclosures of what data the app collects and how it is used, as well as prohibit users under the age of 18 from downloading it and other Chinese applications. Furthermore, the bills may be used to obtain users’ contact information, profile information and location data.

The proposed legislation has caused consternation from privacy advocates since the state governments may be able to access user data, and receive additional surveillance powers. The bills are also concerning for those who work in technology, as the legislation may be used to target free speech and impose onerous regulations.

Privacy and Surveillance Realities

The reality is that the U.S. already has laws in place to protect citizens from online misuses of their data, and government surveillance powers are also broad. Laws such as the Stored Communications Act allow for the disclosure of emails and other data under certain circumstances. Additionally, the Patriot Act allows warrantless collection of digital data in certain situations.

The problem is that the proposed Tik Tok bills could further expand the government surveillance powers, giving them even more tools to infringe on personal privacy. This could have a chilling effect on digital expression, as well as stifle innovation and development of emerging technologies.

Call to Action

The potential implications of the proposed legislation could be far-reaching, and it is important that people understand the potential consequences. This article serves as an informative tool on this issue, and people can help spread the information by sharing it on social media. This will help ensure that more people are aware of the issue and can mobilize to protect their privacy and security.


The proposed Tik Tok bills could significantly expand the national security state and compromise user privacy in the process. It is important that the public become aware of the potential implications of the proposed bills and take action to protect their privacy rights. By sharing this article on social media, people can ensure that more people are informed and can take action.

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